ANA Airlines: Improving the Airport Experience

Interaction Design
Integrating the Star Alliance reward system within the ANA Airlines mobile application. Bridging the gap between layover time & the overall airport experience.

01 // Project

The Brief

Our mission is to transform airport travel by creating a user-centric interface for seamless navigation through bustling terminals. We're dedicated to erasing potential challenges and replacing them with moments of pure convenience and delight. Key to our approach is the integration of the Star Alliance reward system, enhancing the travel experience while offering users a clear understanding of the benefits tied to the Star Alliance network.

User's Challenges

Based on our research, we’ve discovered a couple major challenges that users face on a daily basis when using the Fidelity Investments App.  Some challenges they encounter are tasks like having accurate and easily digestible charts, finding stocks they're interested in, and overall usability and navigations of the app.

My ANA Airlines Mobile Prototype

02 // Our Goals

[01] Improving Customer Experience

To improve the customer experience during ‘dead time’ between flights. Layovers are the number reason for users having dead time

[02] Assisting Customers

We want to help customers make use of their time as well as aid them with support and answers to their concerns

[03] Improve Awareness

We want to improve awareness while in the terminals of the airport and its services/resources

[04] Brand Loyalty: Star Alliance

To improve the customer experience during ‘dead time’ between flights. Layovers are the number reason for users having dead time

[05] Flight Updates

We want to provide clear and concise updates on flights and itineraries wherever they may be

03 // Data, Pain Points, & Solutions

User Research

My research phase consisted of creating a survey given to 25 users to better understand the following areas of thought:

+ What are other airline apps doing?

+ What are some pain points flyers frequently encounter when traveling?

+ Are there other factors contributing to a better traveling experience?

+ How might we improve the overall quality and ease of access to information & resources we provide?

Pain Points & Ammenities

Acquiring analytics and information about these variables is key to understanding the user and designing solutions for them. By pinpointing the pain points a user experiences, we can further develop ways to better their in-app and airport experience.

Main Concerns

04 // Persona Profile

05 // Final UI Solutions